In the XIXth century, the NEW CITY GAS Company of Montréal was responsible for introducing gas lighting to the streets and buildings of Montréal. It was housed in a complex built between 1859 and 1861.

Today, the complex with its large roofs and stonework continues to be a visible presence in the urban landscape. It can be seen from all around Griffintown, the expressway and the train.

  • In 1987, Heritage Montréal asked the City of Montréal to designate the NEW CITY GAS building a historic landmark.
  • In 2007, it was recognized, protected and revitalized as part of the Griffintown project.



In 2009, the mission of the NEW CITY GAS complex shifted to accommodate all types of events within its multipurpose spaces. Ambitious developers were inspired by the building and created an exclusive venue suitable for hosting shows and corporate events.

It officially opened in May 2012 and is now internationally recognized simply as NEW CITY GAS. It has since welcomed many renowned international artists to the main stage as well as companies looking for a distinctive venue for their special events.